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Welcome to the Official Website of Sloswicke's Almshouse Charity

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Sloswicke's Almshouse Charity

One of Retford's oldest housing charities offering
affordable Housing in Town for the over 60's

The Trustees encourage a positive sense of community amongst the residents, where self-help and
independent living are recognised as important elements for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Registered Charity No. 229666.. 


The charity provides housing and accommodation for retired people of limited means aged over 60, who have a strong Retford connection.

Today the charity has a stock of 41 residential units dotted around Retford, at Union Street, Churchgate, Protestant Place on Queen Street and at Hawksley House on Coronation Steeet.

Properties vary with indicative maintenance contributions starting from as little as £70.50 per week reviewed annually..

The charity invests a lot of money in keeping its properties modernised, safe, and comfortable for its residents.

Residents must be able to live independantly as there is no provision for nursing or other care.

The Charity is administered by a board of Trustees, chaired by Robert Lamb since April 2002. The Trustees are all voluntary.

The day-to-day running of the Charity is administered by the Clerk, 
a position held by Gareth Day, a probate executive with Jones & Company Solicitors, who was appointed in January 2018.

Sloswicke's Almshouse Charity is one of Retford's oldest charities. It took on its present form on 1st October 1982 when 8 smaller charities were amalgamated with the original Sloswicke's Hospital. On amalgamation  a new scheme was adopted under the authority of the Charity Commisssion and the title of Sloswicke's Almshouse Charity was adopted.
Social charity housing for retired people

ChurchgateHawksley House
Protestant PlaceUnion Street

Call  01777 703827

e-mail:  info@sloswickes.co.uk


Affordable & well maintained
Close to the town centre
Perfect for retired people

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